Donation 66: Hungary, March 2018

Dankó Street Nursery (Budapest March 2018)

We at the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, are delighted to announce that our 66th consecutive donation (and the first of our 15th year of making a difference everywhere we go), will be helping towards the renovation project of the Budapest based Dankó Street nursery, who operate out of Wesley János Óvoda.

After reaching out to Patrick McMenamin, a Scot living in Budapest who, along with Zsuzsanna Bozo, is very active on the Hungarian Charity Scene, he, along with Ambassador Iain Lindsay, Douglas Arnott (Robert Burns International Foundation) and Duncan Graham (St Andrews Association), have brought the Dankó Street Nursery to our attention and we feel it is a more than worthy cause.

The nursery is located in a very poor part of Budapest (8th district) and the 40 kids (aged 4-12 years) that attend the school are either orphans or come from families that face a multitude of social issues.

What the nursery desperately needs is a facelift, as well as some activity based programmes and equipment that can keep the kids active, not just sitting down with colouring books.

We at the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal are delighted that we will be donating £5,000 towards this worthy cause.

Full details will be posted nearer the time, but watch this space for some exiting news with regards to this donation once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

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